How To Spot a Bad Roofing Job

The roof is one of the most complex parts of the house. Due to its complexity, repairs and replacements can cost a great deal. Unfortunately, roof jobs are where you often find poor workmanship, which can then lead to structural damage, leaks, or poor aesthetics. You need to spot a bad roofing job as soon as you can to prevent complications that could end up costing more money in the long run. Luckily, you can spot signs of poor workmanship with relative ease. We will be discussing some of these warning signs so keep reading to learn some of them.

Some signs of shoddy roof work can be seen even from the ground. These visual indicators can appear years after the roof has been constructed. If they can be seen within a few years or months, then you would know that your contractor did a mediocre job of it.

Missing or broken shingles is a prime indicator of substandard work. They let water into the sheathing, damaging it and cause leaking. Major storms normally damage shingles but if your house is the only one in your neighborhood to suffer such damage, then it indicates that it’s not because of the storm.

Similarly, if the roof shingles are not damaged uniformly, then it might be due to your contractor cutting corners, trying to make a quick buck. This is true if one side faces the weather and the other side doesn’t. Check all sides of the roof to make sure that damage is identical, and that one size doesn’t show more damage than the others. This means that one side will age faster than the others, prompting repairs earlier than expected.

And while you are checking for signs of damage, you should also try and see if there are shingles that are not the same color or size as the rest. This could be another sign that the roofer tried to cut corners. This could lead to more damage down the line if the sheathing is not covered as it should be.

Other signs of careless workmanship are not so visible but you still have to detect them. A watertight roof requires more than just shingles. It also needs its flashing to be properly installed and caulked. This is particularly important if you have an extension added to your house and their roofs are attached. You should also remember that different roofs require different kinds of nails.

Check the roof carefully if the drip edge is missing or not. It is a metal sheet that protects the board underneath the edge of the roof. Missing the drip edge could increase the risk of leaking and roof rot.

Having the wrong hardware or improper installation can prematurely damage your roof and potentially lead to more expenditures down the line. For fast and reliable roofing service, contact the Watertite Company Inc. at (800)-696-5588 and speak with our expert roofers for more information. You can also check out our website at and schedule a consultation.