Turkey Passport by Investment

Getting a Turkey passport by Investment was made possible in January 2017. The goal of this was to help grow the economy and especially the real estate sector. This has seen the Turkish economy boom and continues to grow.

Minimum Requirements

Before getting Turkish Citizenship, you must meet certain criteria set by the Turkish government. The first and basic one is that you have to buy a real estate property worth USD 250,000 or above. Once you’ve done this, the passport acquisition process mag process. There are additional requirements. Some of them are optional.

You should also invest at least USD 500,000 in fixed capital contribution. This also allows you to acquire a Turkish passport. You may also buy government bonds worth USD 500,000 or more, or deposit the amount in a bank account holding your name. These are alternatives which when met give you a chance to become a Turkish passport holder.


Create Jobs

In essence, the Turkish government has put these requirements in place to help its economy grow through the creation of jobs and pooling more resources from the world over. Besides, through forex exchange, its currency continues to gain strength the world over on top of recognition. As foreigners move in and out doing transactions with the Turkish currency, the government continues to gain revenue.

If the ministry of family, labor, and social services proves beyond reasonable doubt that you created 50 jobs, you will get the passport after the waiting time is over. This helps but the economy and strengthens the nation’s presence in Europe and the world.

It is for that reason that you can get easy access to other countries in the region once you have a Turkish passport. The nation is utilizing this power to ensure it attracts more investors from the rest of the world. This is a perfect deal for businessmen.

When it comes to business, you have to reach out to the rest of the world to see where the opportunities are. This will also give you the experience you need to thrive. Turkey offers the freedom to transverse the world but after you’ve invested heavily in their real estate.


Waiting Time

There is a probation time every applicant must go through. It is between six and nine months. Once this time has passed and the government is convinced you’re fit to be their citizens, the passport will be issued to you. When making the application, you are supposed to include your spouse and dependents below the age of 18. You could include dependents above 18 but live with disabilities. When the approval comes, all of them will have a passport as long as they fall in the above criteria.



Getting a Turkish passport is only a step away. All you need is to purchase real estate property and enjoy the benefits. The rest of the processes are easy especially if you’re working with competent providers like Elmaslar. They will take you through the processes from the start to the end.

How To Spot a Bad Roofing Job

The roof is one of the most complex parts of the house. Due to its complexity, repairs and replacements can cost a great deal. Unfortunately, roof jobs are where you often find poor workmanship, which can then lead to structural damage, leaks, or poor aesthetics. You need to spot a bad roofing job as soon as you can to prevent complications that could end up costing more money in the long run. Luckily, you can spot signs of poor workmanship with relative ease. We will be discussing some of these warning signs so keep reading to learn some of them.

Some signs of shoddy roof work can be seen even from the ground. These visual indicators can appear years after the roof has been constructed. If they can be seen within a few years or months, then you would know that your contractor did a mediocre job of it.

Missing or broken shingles is a prime indicator of substandard work. They let water into the sheathing, damaging it and cause leaking. Major storms normally damage shingles but if your house is the only one in your neighborhood to suffer such damage, then it indicates that it’s not because of the storm.

Similarly, if the roof shingles are not damaged uniformly, then it might be due to your contractor cutting corners, trying to make a quick buck. This is true if one side faces the weather and the other side doesn’t. Check all sides of the roof to make sure that damage is identical, and that one size doesn’t show more damage than the others. This means that one side will age faster than the others, prompting repairs earlier than expected.

And while you are checking for signs of damage, you should also try and see if there are shingles that are not the same color or size as the rest. This could be another sign that the roofer tried to cut corners. This could lead to more damage down the line if the sheathing is not covered as it should be.

Other signs of careless workmanship are not so visible but you still have to detect them. A watertight roof requires more than just shingles. It also needs its flashing to be properly installed and caulked. This is particularly important if you have an extension added to your house and their roofs are attached. You should also remember that different roofs require different kinds of nails.

Check the roof carefully if the drip edge is missing or not. It is a metal sheet that protects the board underneath the edge of the roof. Missing the drip edge could increase the risk of leaking and roof rot.

Having the wrong hardware or improper installation can prematurely damage your roof and potentially lead to more expenditures down the line. For fast and reliable roofing service, contact the Watertite Company Inc. at (800)-696-5588 and speak with our expert roofers for more information. You can also check out our website at https://watertiteco.com and schedule a consultation.

Soleeva Solar Panels: Best Things You Need to Know Before Going Solar

Many Americans have begun to realize the impact of solar energy in their lives. Installing solar panels on their roof, although costly, has become a trend on communities and homeowners wanting to save on the cost of higher electricity. Admittedly, it’s a big project; it’s going on your roof, one of the most important areas in your home. And you don’t want to make the mistake of trial and error.

Here at soleeva.com, we have compiled the best things you should know if you’re considering solar panels on your roof.

Suitable roof for solar panels

Assess if your roof is suitable for installing solar panels. That means enough solar finds its way into your roof. If this is not the case, wherein most of the day your roof is covered in shades, you better think twice before going solar because solar panels are costly. On the other hand, if you have a suitably sunlit rooftop, make sure of its structural integrity. Another thing to look out for is the warranty for the solar installations. Warranties on solar installations could be for 20-25 years. Make sure that your solar installation is warranty covered, that way, if renovation has to be done to your roof in a couple of years, you don’t need to pay extra money for the repair.

Choose the solar that suits your need

Thermal and photovoltaic are the two kinds of solar technologies you can choose from. Thermal uses the power of the sun to heat water or air for home use. The latter utilizes arrays of cells to turn sunlight into electricity. A solar thermal investment could be very useful to homeowners if their space uses a lot of energy for heating, or in areas where heating fuel is expensive compared to electricity. On the other hand, photovoltaic systems can be used for a single home or business or even supply electricity to thousands of electricity consumers.

Improving your solar energy efficiency

Know how much you use energy so you can determine the amount of solar energy that you need. Needless to say, you need to lower your energy usage so that it will also lessen the number of solar panels that you’ll need. It would be best that you have an energy audit and improve your energy efficiency usage.

Connecting to the grid

We can assume that there is a lot of logistics to be done when trying to have your solar panels connected to any utility. The cost of the connection fee and the number of days or weeks to have you hooked up are some things to be considered. Also, how and when will you be credited for the electricity you produce once you’re connected?

Trustworthy solar installer

Installing solar panels on your roof is considered a big investment. That is why it is just right that a reputable and experienced company does the installing for you. Make sure the company is dependable and has a warranty. Just the same, you’ll also need an experienced electrician to do the electrical work. Ensure that you’ll have your money’s worth with this solar panel installation.

We hope we have helped you with this article regarding queries on solar panels. But if you have other lingering questions on your mind, kindly visit our website at www.soleeva.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Difference Between Digital and Traditional Advertising

Today we are in a post-modern era. Digital advertising is more popular than the old conventional ads. You need to work with a Digital Marketing agency to increase your online presence. You need to know the difference between them. After you notice its difference, it means you are ready to place the choice. Check the value of the advertising because this is the primary difference. Many digital marketers try to find a chance to provide value to their audience. They use content marketing and solutions, but on the other hand, traditional type just looking the way to increase sales. They could try to play with ad spots an not to provide the value.

Providing value means making a great channel to connect the advertisements to the target audience. Page analytics from a social media marketer would give information about audience interests and cares. Offering a solution, providing information, and entertainment for the audience could build trust and value to the audience. It supports repeat customers. Traditional advertising could do not have one of those services.

Social media and email marketing are the reflections of how digital advertising work. Two-way communication will give the relationship building. Customers could share their experience with their friends too. Comparing to traditional marketing, you will only find a one-way conversation. The next difference is on its data-driven. Digital marketing will target features for campaigns. It does not match to traditional advertising. Digital marketing from social media, for example, could create many custom audience to reach. You also could target people searching when you do marketing on search engines. The depth analytics and metrics about your audience is in digital marketing.

Digital marketing helps you to know your ROI (Return on Investment). It also has analytic capabilities, and you have a chance to enhance it. Comparing digital marketing to traditional advertising will drive us to understand that the internet is used for TV, music, news, and films. Conventional advertising could not worth it anymore. Digital marketing account for 75% of marketing spends in five years forward. Digital is connected to the internet. It gives a significant impact on your business more than traditional — digital gear up your business and the vital step of advertising. The cost is cheaper than conventional. Comparing to every side, digital is better than traditional. The result is natural to be seen by digital. Therefore, if you need to choose one of the advertising, digital supports your need more and give the easiness procedure and maintenance for you. Check kind of it and start to make your advertising in digital.

Things to Know about Credit Repair

Credit is very necessary to live a contented and peaceful life. With the help of credit, you can fulfill your needs. Problems start emerging day by day if you have low or no credit. If you are suffering from credit problem and your credit is too low to take a loan from banks and finance supporting companies, here is the solution to your problem. Credit repair companies are providing you an opportunity to improve your credit. For this offer credit, repair companies will charge you a little amount of fee.

What is a credit repair company?

“An organization that provides you an opportunity to improve your credit in exchange for a fee is called a credit repair company.” According to the opinion of Jeff Sipes at Blue Water Credit, these credit repairing companies promise to handle all the heavy lifting of working with the credit reporting agencies.

Difference between Credit reporting companies and credit counseling agencies

Credit repairing companies are often mixed up with credit counseling agencies but in fact, these are two different organizations. A credit repairing company help you to improve your credit in exchange for a fee but Credit Counseling Agencies commonly known as CCA provide their services free of cost. CCAs are typically a free resource from nonprofit financial education organization. CCA analyses your finances, debt, and credit reports with the intention to show you the path to improve and manage your financial situation.

Are credit repairing companies scam?

Credit repairing industry is full of scam. This fact is also acknowledged by the Federal Trade Commission. So it is very necessary to take information about a credit repairing company before signing an agreement with such a company. So, here are following steps to know whether a credit repair company is verified or not.

  1. Before signing an agreement with any credit repair company, you must read the reviews about your relevant company available for your guidance on the Better Business Bureau website.
  2. Before agreeing to work with a credit repair company, you must search the complaint database of customer Protection Bureau.
  3. Before using the platform of a credit repair company, always search for additional review sites for helpful user reviews.

If there is a company claiming to offer the following point, it means there is something wrong.

  1. If a company claims that it will remove accurate negative information from your reports, it means that there is a red flag.
  2. If a company offers you that it will create a new credit identity for you legally, it means that they may adopt illegal ways.
  3. A scam company will request you to pay before providing its services to you.
  4. If a company is guaranteeing you an improved credit, it means it is not a verified company.