Soleeva Solar Panels: Best Things You Need to Know Before Going Solar

Many Americans have begun to realize the impact of solar energy in their lives. Installing solar panels on their roof, although costly, has become a trend on communities and homeowners wanting to save on the cost of higher electricity. Admittedly, it’s a big project; it’s going on your roof, one of the most important areas in your home. And you don’t want to make the mistake of trial and error.

Here at, we have compiled the best things you should know if you’re considering solar panels on your roof.

Suitable roof for solar panels

Assess if your roof is suitable for installing solar panels. That means enough solar finds its way into your roof. If this is not the case, wherein most of the day your roof is covered in shades, you better think twice before going solar because solar panels are costly. On the other hand, if you have a suitably sunlit rooftop, make sure of its structural integrity. Another thing to look out for is the warranty for the solar installations. Warranties on solar installations could be for 20-25 years. Make sure that your solar installation is warranty covered, that way, if renovation has to be done to your roof in a couple of years, you don’t need to pay extra money for the repair.

Choose the solar that suits your need

Thermal and photovoltaic are the two kinds of solar technologies you can choose from. Thermal uses the power of the sun to heat water or air for home use. The latter utilizes arrays of cells to turn sunlight into electricity. A solar thermal investment could be very useful to homeowners if their space uses a lot of energy for heating, or in areas where heating fuel is expensive compared to electricity. On the other hand, photovoltaic systems can be used for a single home or business or even supply electricity to thousands of electricity consumers.

Improving your solar energy efficiency

Know how much you use energy so you can determine the amount of solar energy that you need. Needless to say, you need to lower your energy usage so that it will also lessen the number of solar panels that you’ll need. It would be best that you have an energy audit and improve your energy efficiency usage.

Connecting to the grid

We can assume that there is a lot of logistics to be done when trying to have your solar panels connected to any utility. The cost of the connection fee and the number of days or weeks to have you hooked up are some things to be considered. Also, how and when will you be credited for the electricity you produce once you’re connected?

Trustworthy solar installer

Installing solar panels on your roof is considered a big investment. That is why it is just right that a reputable and experienced company does the installing for you. Make sure the company is dependable and has a warranty. Just the same, you’ll also need an experienced electrician to do the electrical work. Ensure that you’ll have your money’s worth with this solar panel installation.

We hope we have helped you with this article regarding queries on solar panels. But if you have other lingering questions on your mind, kindly visit our website at and we’ll be happy to assist you.